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By Stephen Offei

The law of torts is a subject of primary importance in the study and practice of The common law in the USP regional countries. This book has been conceived as a basic text for students, particularly those reading for the LLB degree at the University of the South Pacific. Legal Practitioners will also find the book useful as a work of reference and, it will also be of interest to business executives, insurance agents, industrialists and journalists who require some knowledge of this most important area of the law.

Contents include: Nature of liability for torts; Intentional interference with the person; Malicious prosecution; Negligence; Duty of care- economic loss; Duty of care- negligent misstatement; Duty of care- psychiatric illness; Breach of duty; Causation; Remoteness of damage; Defective premises: Occupiers' liability; Employers' liability; Breach of statutory duty; Vicarious Liability; Trespass to land; Wrongful interference with goods; Nuisance; Escape of dangerous things from land -- Rylands v Fletcher; Liability for animals; Defective product liability; Defamation; Passing off; Defences; Remedies.

Reader's comments:
"I am glad to be here for a chapter in the advancement of the law which touches our daily lives. The book is a unique contribution to scholarship and will be recognised as a leading reference on torts law in the region. It is a student's text as well as a practictitioners reference, giving a picture of common law as it is and as it was developing in the region. Professor Stephen Offei has done this part of the world a great service by producing such a relevant book." (Sir Timoci Tuivaga, Fiji Chief Justice).

Professor Stephen Offei, MA, B.Phil.PhD, FSALS, London, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister is currently the Director General of the Commonwealth Faculty of Research and Advanced Legal Studies (UK). He is also the Founding Director of the Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. His research interests are in the areas of Common Law, Administrative Law, Public International Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Philosphy of Law, Moral Philosophy and Medical Law. His recent works include Concise text on the Law of Torts in England; Basic Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy; Ethics and Punishment.

Softcover, 658 pages