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By Arne Marjan Mavčič, P.E, editor

This book contains a comparative constitutional analysis of the constitutional/judicial review systems in 208 countries. Itgives a broader overview and deeper knowledge of such systems around the world. The study was created by the students research group of the European Law School to the New University in Slovenia, conducted by professor Arne Marjan Mavčič.

The institutional and functional comparative method is making readers familiar with constitutional systems of different countries, drawing on features for individual world regions and considering specific types of constitutional and judicial review. Using a special systemic presentation model, the researchers treat different systems and institutions that hold their exclusive decision-making power on constitutional matters. Their review quite often covers legislative acts that are the highest legal instruments of a specific legal and political system. This gives each constitutional/judicial review institution a special status with power to provide constitutional and/or review under the system of the separation of powers, especially in relation to the legislative power in that it may even annul statutes adopted by the legislative body.

Each systemic presentation model is completed depending on the currently available data (sources).

Arne Mavčič, Professor Emeritus, completed his graduated and post-graduated law studies at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia). He was head of the Information and International Department of the Slovenian Constitutional Court and the liaison officer for Slovenia to the Venice Commission under the Council of Europe, the national correspondent for Slovenia to ACCPUF Paris, a member for Slovenia in different international research groups and a Fulbright Scholar. As Senior Expert Counsellor to the University of Ljubljana Law School, Professor of Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutional Law at the School of Government and European Studies and at the European Law School to the New University of Ljubljana, he specialises in legal information systems, (comparative) constitutional law and human rights law. As the author and editor of several publications in the field of constitutional law as well as the author of over 300 papers and reports of a national and international character, Dr Mavčič has largely been engaged in practical and promotional activities in the fields of comparative constitutional review and human rights law.

April 2018, Paperback 732 pages