$ 39.95

By Nelson P. Miller

Why do you slow down when you pass an auto accident? While it may be for emergency personnel, the temptation is strong to look for carnage among the wreckage. We all have a natural if morbid curiosity regarding serious injury and its mechanism and effects.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience as a personal-injury lawyer, the author addresses the reader's curiosity about death and serious injury by accident, with a wry account of macabre personal injuries and their mechanisms and effects.

In this book, you will find everything from car to plane to helicopter crashes, causing broken legs to broken arms to basketball-sized hernias, resulting in both odd and serious impairments right up to death.

This book helps you appreciate the severity of injuries, depth of loss, courage of accident survivors, and odd skill of personal-injury lawyers, in helping us all live in relative peace with the violent hazards of a technologically advanced society.

We sometimes discover the greatest truth and meaning in the hardest places to look, where at the same time we have the greatest curiosity. Find humor, empathy, compassion, righteous outrage, and redemption in the macabre world of torts.

March 2013, Paperback 242 Pages