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By Gouda Bushra Ali Gouda

Internal displacement is one of the tragic challenges the international community has encountered since the early 1980s. Every day 10,000 persons are forced to flee their homes primarily because of internal armed conflicts. It is believed that one in every 130 persons in the world is forced into flight resulting both in internal and external displacement. They indeed suffer massive human rights violations and persecutions. Regrettably, the international community has not yet developed an adequate international legal framework to address this gut-wrenching phenomenon. This book comprehensively articulates the law applicable to the problem of internal displacement and provides a thorough analysis of the legal norms applicable to this problem. Examination of the law, policy and jurisprudence applicable to this problem is the focal point of this book. The book basically integrates the human rights law as applied to internally displaced persons with humanitarian law and the international system of protection norms from other areas of international law. The development of this law nationally is also discussed in this book; model of laws that have been enacted to deal with this problem are included, as well as stimulating intellectual discussion about jurisprudential issues relating to this law. The book also addresses ways to proceed forward with the law of internal displacement.

Gouda Bushra Ali Gouda is a Doctor of International Legal Studies with special emphasis on Public International Law, Human Rights law, Intellectual Property and International politics. He obtained his first law degree from Khartoum University, Sudan, and then obtained a LL.M degree from Indiana University, Indianapolis, and SJD in International Legal Studies from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California with distinction for his research in the subject of Internal Displacement. He currently works on various research projects including other areas of International Law; namely International Intellectual Property and Law and Democracy in Africa.

April 2009, Paperback, 284 pages