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Miller, Nelson P., James D. Robb, and John D. Crane, editors

Lawyers are economic drivers-producers of the wealth and prosperity from which all Americans benefit. The public has not lost its fascination with lawyers and curiosity about how lawyers serve individuals, families, communities, corporations, and the nation.
The contributors for the essays in this book are leading lawyers who lead and influence law firms, corporate-counsel offices, agencies, and other legal-service providers. Their reflections here express what lawyers mean to American economic productivity and welfare. Gain a clearer sense of just how important lawyers are to the continued growth and vitality of the American republic.

Table of Contents:

Philip Admiraal
The Value of a Lawyer's Advice on Tax Obligations

Jeffrey S. Ammon
Advancing Business: The Lawyer's Role

Anne L. Bjerken
Beyond LegalZoom: Adding Value to Estate Plans and
Business Succession Planning

Paul J. Carrier
A Case for Value Add of Legal Services to
Cross-Border Transactions

Patricia M. Curtner
Using the Law to Help One's Neighbor Prosper

Gerald A. Fisher
The Use of Legal Skills in the Land Use Arena to
Reconcile Deep Differences and Strike an Acceptable
Balance Between Preservation and Productivity

David Galbenski
Lawyers Not Only Drive, They Build the Highway

Lisa A. Hall
The Work of a Creditor's Rights Attorney

Douglas Halpert
Tales of an Unnecessary Lawyer

Daniel M. Houlf
Facilitating a Historic Reorganization for the Common
Good in Perilous Times

Peter Barton Hutt
Food and the Law

Holly A. Jackson
Everybody Knows That

Harry J. Joe
When Immigration Is Overlooked: An Examination of
Business Consequences

E. Christopher Johnson, Jr.
Responsible Corporate Counsel and the Bottom Line

Michael C. H. McDaniel
Lawyers as Public Servants: The Response by the
Executive and Legislative Branches of Michigan's
Government to the Events of September 11, 2001

Brian J. McKeen
The Sole Check on Harm: How Medical Malpractice
Actions Contribute to the Healthcare Economy
and Improve Patient Quality of Care

Nelson P. Miller
Data and Scholarship on Lawyer Economic Activity

Mark Mosby & Jeremy Brieve
The In-House Legal Department: Adding Value
Through Analysis and Critical Thinking

Kelly A. Mroz
Marriage = Easy, Divorce = Hard

Lawrence J. Murphy & Harvey Koning
A Good Start

James D. Robb
If the First Thing We Do Is Kill All the Lawyers,
What's the Second Thing We Do?

Mark A. Rysberg
Measuring the Value of an Ounce of Prevention

Shannon Stein
How the Skilled, Quality Lawyer Brings Value to the
Clients, the Courts, and the Larger Community

Joan N. Stern & Dacia A. Haddad
Public Finance Law-Building America

Douglas L. Toering
Lawyers and the Economy: Greasing the Gears of

The Honorable Christopher Yates
Specialized Business Dockets: An Experiment in Efficiency

Lawrence Stiffman, PhD, MPH
Trends in the Economic Status of Attorney

April 2012, Paperback 246 Pages