$ 39.95

By Edward J Bander

"LEGAL ANECDOTES, WIT, AND REJOINDER" is a vibrant collection of material that is topical, biographical, and witty. Supreme Court Justices from John Marshall to Antonin Scalia, lawyers from Daniel Webster to Edward Bennett Williams, law schools, law students, lawyers, and judges are all part of this panoply of anecdotes. Subject matter includes attorney fees, certiorari, cross-examination, oral argument, and many other topics. Each entry is footnoted and there are cross references where appropriate. There are over two hundred topics, a bibliography, and a page index.

This book may well be the most definitive collection of legal anecdotes in print and it belongs in every public, college, and law library. The book makes an ideal gift for law students and for lawyers. It is also a must for public speakers of all persuasions.

Professor Bander is Law Librarian Emeritus at Suffolk University and his published works include "Mr. Dooley and Mr. Dunne," "The Breath of an Unfed Lawyer: Shakespeare on Lawyers and the Law," "Bardell v. Pickwick," and "Searching the Law." He has also published articles in the American Bar Association Journal, Law Library Journal, Library Journal, Villanova Law Review and elsewhere.

Paperback, 269 pages