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By Ted Zerwin

Managing and Raising Money that is Not Your Own focuses on two critical issues in the operation of non-profit charitable organizations, namely, financial management and fundraising. There is no other text that considers these seemingly disparate subjects together -- and yet one has been needed for a long time. Such a text is needed because three distinct groups of people, namely, non-profit professional managers and executives, Board members of charitable organizations, and both graduate and undergraduate students looking forward to careers in such organizations, need a basic understanding of these two topics because they currently -- or will in the future -- supervise these two activities and not necessarily have to actually do them. It is precisely this need to which this text is addressed.

According to one reviewer, the text is eminently readable:

"I like the fact that the author seems as if he is talking to you. The tone is conversational and uses limited jargon. As a result the text reads more like a novel than a text book". So making this subject matter something of a "page turner" is a substantive coup on Mr. Zerwin' part". (Alice E. Smith, Ph.D.)

The same reviewer goes on to say:

"there is really no reason that I can see that a solid argument could not be made (as the author has) to put the two topics [financial management and fundraising] together in one text. For those of us who run nonprofit businesses, it makes a great deal of sense to have the two ideas in one book. In fact, I run a small 501(c)(3), and really enjoyed the text because it did put the two ideas together and because the whole book made sense to me as a practitioner as well as an academic teaching graduate-level human service management courses.

Therefore, if you are a non-profit staff executive or manager, Board member, or student aspiring to a career in non-profit management, this book is for you!"

Ted Zerwin graduated from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work in 1971 with a concentration in Community Organization/Administration. After four years on the planning staff of the Mile High United Way and two years as a program manager of the Volunteers of America, he was appointed President and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, Rocky Mountain Chapter, in 1976. He held this position for 25 years until his retirement in 2001. He was responsible for a three State organization (Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana) with an annual budget of $2.4 million, 4 offices, 20 staff, and about 1,000 volunteers, while reporting to a 50 member Board of Directors. Ted now is an associate clinical professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, developing and teaching courses in non-profit management. He also operates his own consulting business for non-profit organizations, serves on the Board of Directors and is a past president of the Westminster Legacy Foundation, is an active member of the Development Committee for the local Arthritis Foundation, and formerly was an adjunct professor for the Graduate School of Social Work also at the University of Denver.

July 2009, Paperback, 206 pages