$ 24.95

By Nelson P. Miller

The 50-something lawyer had to face the loss of his law practice to discover deeper truths about professional performance and personal relationship. Compelling wrongful-death case follows murder trial, exhausting lawyer Pierce's discernment and finances. Only the girl at the center of the case knew what more was amiss. Law may be coldly logical, but lawyers must still have keen subsidiary awareness for more-human truths in a beautiful natural lakeshore environment marked by human poverty and perseverance.

Avian eyes weave an odd allegory through the demise of Pierce's law practice over an oddly fated civil trial. A Lawyer's Allegorical Novel mirrors a believable story of tense civil litigation involving the horrific murder of a young mother, against a series of weirdly supernatural events depicting the fate of the trial lawyer's alter ego. Each of us is on our own journey. Lawyers and those who work with and around them face their own fate just like the rest of us. See what lies ahead for Pierce in his real and allegorical journeys. Discover what the girl knew.

This novel is written with the tort law student in mind. As tort practice is personal, relational, emotional, and engaging in ways that a casebook cannot adequately describe. This novel uses the powerful interior view that the genre permits, to introduce torts students to the fully formed professional identity of a torts practitioner. Its author drew on 25 years of litigation experience to describe realistically the relationships, procedures, challenges, losses, and victories within a riveting wrongful-death case. The author intersperses the novel with allegorical scenes to illustrate further the arc of a law-practice career. Students reading this novel should get a clearer picture of strategic and tactical moves within tort litigation and the fully formed professional identity of a torts lawyer.

March 2012, Paperback 250 pages