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By John M.B. Balouziyeh

This book offers law students and practitioners alike a clear and concise overview of public international law. It introduces the reader to the sources and history of international law while examining the institutions that create, interpret, and enforce the law, with special attention given to the International Court of Justice and its jurisprudence. The main branches of international law, along with the major treaties and customs governing them, are explained.

The chapters take the reader through a step-by-step exposition of the following topics:

  • States and governments in the international order
  • International humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict) 
  • International criminal law 
  • Human rights and related topics
  • State responsibility and immunities from jurisdiction 
  • International environmental law
  • The law of the sea, air, and space
  •  International economic and trade law

The procedures implemented in resolving international disputes are similarly examined.
The book's clear writing style and user-friendly format guarantee its accessibility to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. It will similarly be useful to students as a companion to any international law casebook or compendium of primary source documents.

August 2012, Paperback 184 Pages

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