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By Stephen D. Sugarman

Law students can master existing Tort doctrine from a careful reading of their casebooks. But many would welcome a "wider view." This book helps readers see the forest and not just the trees. Its four parts (and seventeen chapters) present: ideological, political, and historical perspectives on Torts; comparative law insights from other countries; alternative policy solutions to contemporary social problems not well handled by Torts; and explanations of how unduly complex Tort doctrines can be improved by being simplified. This book offers a unique set of supplemental readings for the 1L Torts course or for a seminar on Sugarman on Torts.

Stephen D. Sugarman is the Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law at UC Berkeley Law School, where he has taught Torts since 1972. He has been a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, Kyoto University Faculty of Law, the European University Institute, Kobe University School of Law, University College London Faculty of Law, the University of Paris, and the Law Faculty London School of Economics. He is the author of Doing Away with Personal Injury Law and co-author of Torts Stories.

Paperback, August 2014, 626 pages

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