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By J. Gordon Hylton

This is a traditionally organized Trusts and Estates casebook that draws its materials exclusively from the case law and statutes of Wisconsin. The materials consist of judicial opinions from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, lower state courts, and federal courts operating in Wisconsin, as well as substantial materials taken from the current Wisconsin Statutes pertaining to probate, wills and intestacy, marital property, will substitutes, trusts, and fiduciary duties. A limited number of notes highlight the areas in which Wisconsin law departs from the national norm. As a consequence of the state specific focus of the text and the fact that cases are drawn from across the span of Wisconsin's history, it is possible to see the way in which the law of wills and trusts (and professional responsibility) has responded to changing social circumstances and evolving patterns of wealth distribution.

Prof. J. Gordon Hylton, is a graduate of Oberlin College and the University of Virginia Law School, and holds a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University. He has taught at the Marquette University Law School since 1998, and has also taught at Chicago-Kent College of Law and as a visiting professor at Washington University, Washington and Lee, and the University of Virginia. He is the co-author of two Property Law Casebooks, Property Law and the Public Interest (Lexis/Nexis, 3rd ed. 2007) and A Concise Introduction to Property Law (Lexis/Nexis 2011). He is a former member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's Committee on Wisconsin Legal History and a member of the American Society for Legal History.

August 2013, Hardcover, 774 Pages