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By Sarah A. Mourer

This book is written for anyone interested in the innocence cause. The problem of wrongful convictions is moving more and more into the public's eye every day. This book is specifically written to guide a student or participant through an innocence program step by step. It covers everything from how not to get too worried about the clients to how to conduct a client interview. It really is everything you need to know to participate in an innocence program. It is also a valuable resource for those directing innocence programs or hoping to start one. It provides templates for forms and suggestions for best practices for procedures necessary to run an exemplary innocence program. It is a must for any student enrolled in a law school innocence program. It will help the students hit the ground running and allow programs to get help to the clients more efficiently. No other book on the market is available that encompasses all of the major issues for effective innocence work in one convenient place. Working in Innocence Programs is also the first book of its kind in that it is not written in the tedious tone of most academic works. It remains fresh, entertaining, and even amusing throughout. Students will want to do their homework.

Sarah A. Mourer, Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Education, received her B.S. from the University of Florida with honors and her J.D. cum laude from the University of Miami. Upon graduation, she practiced criminal defense as a trial attorney for eleven years with the Dade County Public Defender's Office. She tried over 75 trials as lead counsel including capital sexual battery, sanity, juvenile, and all levels of homicide. She founded and directs the University of Miami Innocence Clinic which was accepted as part of the National Innocence Network in its first semester of operation. Professor Mourer also founded and directs the Miami Law Death Penalty Clinic where students along with Professor Mourer and community capital attorneys litigate death penalty cases. The Death Penalty Clinic assists capital defense attorneys represent those facing the death penalty. She taught in the University of Miami Clinical Placement Program, and the University of Miami Externship Program. She also taught Substantive Criminal Law and directed the Litigation Skills Program. She is an instructor and lecturer for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, and has coached the University of Miami's School of Law Mock Trial Team. Professor Mourer is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from the death penalty and trial advocacy, to the Fourth Amendment and wrongful convictions. Professor Mourer has published articles ranging from suggestive eyewitness identification, federal habeas corpus to death penalty clinical teaching. This is Professor Mourer's first book.

January 2013, Paperback 110 pages