Author receives “Best of the Best” California Journalism Award

Justice William W. Bedsworth Wins “Best of the Best” California Journalism Award

Justice William W. Bedsworth has recently won a California Journalism Award for his column entitled, “A Criminal Waste of Space,” published in The Recorder. He received this honor from the California News Publishers Association. Justice Bedsworth is known for his creative and wildly entertaining writing style. In addition to his long-running column, he has also authored a book called “Lawyers, Gubs and Monkeys,” published by Vandeplas Publishing, LLC.

Career and Legal Background

Justice Bedsworth currently serves as an associate justice on Division Three of the Fourth District of the California Courts of Appeal. After attending law school at The University of California, Berkeley, he began his career as an assistant district attorney for Orange County in 1972. By 1986, he was elected to the bench as a judge for the Orange County Superior Court. In 1997, he was appointed to the Court of Appeal, where he presently serves the community as an associate justice of the Court.

A Criminal Waste of Space – An Award-Winning Column

Justice William W. Bedsworth currently authors a monthly column called “A Criminal Waste of Space” for The Recorder. This column has won multiple awards in the past, and Justice Bedsworth was most recently honored by the California News Publishers Association as one of only eight winners of the “Best of the Best,” a state-wide contest featuring the best works in various writing categories. Other winners of this award included entries from the Los Angeles Times, the Mercury News, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

The California News Publishers Association bestowed this honor on Justice Bedsworth based on two of his columns. The first is entitled, “Voting Rights…and Wrongs.” In this column, Justice Bedsworth contemplated the dangers of democracy being placed in the hands of voters. The other column that Justice Bedsworth authored and was honored for with the “Best of the Best” award was called “Symbols of Authority.” In his column “Symbols of Authority,” Justice Bedsworth takes a closer look at the purpose and utility of certain long-standing judicial symbols, such as the use of gavels and robes.

More Notable Work by Justice Bedsworth – Lawyers, Gubs and Monkeys

In 2015, Vandeplas Publishing published Justice William W. Bedsworth’s book entitled “Lawyers, Gubs and Monkeys.” This book gives the reader a humorous look at some confounding legal issues, as explained by the down-to-earth judge, who has truly seen it all.

While the book touches on legal issues using legal jargon and terminology, the book is a must-read by anyone with an interest in the law, regardless of their legal background. With his sharp wit and engaging storytelling style, Justice Bedsworth can make any legal topic interesting to read about. Lawyers, Gubs and Monkeys is a book well-worth reading. You can find this book available for purchase through our website here. Our publishing company works with many different authors to create a variety of books for the enjoyment of consumers. Though the majority of our books are based on legal topics, there is something for everyone in our extensive library of publications.