Vandeplas Publishing is both a traditional and innovative publishing company. We offer our authors a publication agreement establishing their royalty rights—while we handle producing, publishing, marketing, and selling the book. However, this is where the traditional aspect of our company ends.

Latest Technology 

We strive to incorporate the latest technology available in order to deliver academic content to the world in both print and electronic form. Vandeplas Publishing does not have a physical office location; rather, we have a team that works remotely. Our team members work remotely in locations all over the world, giving us the advantage of having many different unique perspectives to enhance the value of our publications.


Our publishing house was founded in Europe over 30 years ago and was born out of a student-run law review. We created this publication to establish a platform for academics to demonstrate how one legal system can create a new perspective for others and can lead to fresh ideas. After all this time, our goal remains the same. We continue working to create a platform for academics to share their research and their ideas with peers and students across the world.

Sharing Knowledge

As a publishing company, we give academic authors the opportunity to share their knowledge with the world. In collaboration with our partners, our publications are marketed and sold worldwide. We make every effort to have our printed books printed on demand in the country in which the order was placed. By doing so, we create a smaller carbon footprint since there are no stores of inventory and therefore, no wasted paper. Using this method also allows us to maintain a small overhead which benefits our readers by keeping our prices low.

In Print and Online

In addition to offering traditional paperback and hardcover printings of our books, we also offer content delivery online in the latest methods as they become available. You will find most of our publications on platforms such as Kindle, Nook, or Apple Books.

We are able to offer a wide variety of options for our readers, allowing them to read our books on their preferred reading platform. We also do not require a financial contribution from our authors. We strive to keep the prices of the books and online content to a reasonable level for our readers. The core goal of our publishing house is to offer a reliable and unprecedented resource for fellow academics and students to use as a tool to move academic research forward in every field.

Join Us

Please browse our catalog for the books that our authors have contributed, or choose to become a contributor yourself by reaching out to us with your book idea or proposal. We would love to hear from you. Submit your proposal by clicking here. We hope you will join us as either a customer or as an author in providing academic content that will contribute to the goal that we envisioned over 30 years ago.